My 3-Step Plan On Setting Goals For 2014

Plan of Action:
1 – Evaluate all past activity for a year
2 – Look at what has worked and what has not
3 – Look at outgoing expenses
4 – Look at earnings
Okay so I put this together and then decided to share how I am executing this on Periscope…
Here is the first of three Periscopes on how to use this plan:
Make a Plan Based on these
1 – Evaluation of strategies
2 – Became Active again in Power Lead System
3 – Set up and consolidated two blogs into new one
4 – Looked at all outgoing expenses to evaluate what was still good
5 – Look at the trends that are really hot
6 – Put together a plan

Plan going into 2016
1 – New strategies for Facebook including Facebook Live
2 – Periscopes – use more tutorial approach
3 – Blogs that use these two videos to expand reach and attract more leads
4 – Using PLS as front system sharing my training

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