3 Very Surprising Reasons Why Your Upline Doesn’t Want You to Create Leads On The Internet!

Major Most Important — Generate Constant Flow Of  leads

Just as no one would consider using this bike because there are newer much more efficient ones so is true about methods to generate leads so we have someone to talk to about our business..

A few years ago I was involved in a situation in my MLM Network marketing company that has brought many new insights to me.

  1. Your downline  must be able to generate a constant flow of leads.
  2. They need training in more than one method and that has to come from you.
  3. It has to be easy — that usually means a system.

The Reality Sets In

  1. Fear and doubt is a factor that must be dealt with
  2. It cannot be too far out of the comfort zone at first
  3. No matter how good you are ̵’; you are not going to get or make anyone do anything unless they want to.

So Why Does Your Upline Seem To Discourage You Instead of Encourage You?

  1. Believe it or not‚ they are fighting their own personal battles
  2. It May even seem normal to fight rather than empower
  3. They May have come from an environment which doesn’t empower
  4. Being a “risk taker’ is not their normal way of being
  5. They only want you to do the older “tried and true‚” methods and not take any new steps that they haven’t proven. and..
  6. They just May be receiving a profit from what you are doing now‚ and they don’t want any shake downs.

So How Do We Move From The Old Methods?

What I did (is not for everyone)‚ is I was willing to go off exploring on my own. I realized that my upline didn’t have all the answers. I then hooked up with new mentors and teachers.

A Whole New World!

It is really very much like going to a new planet! All kinds of new choices of lead-generation. The only choice before the technology of today was belly to belly. In other words‚ one person at a time‚ sharing your information‚ usually by the  regurgitation fashion.

Days of the Internet

Today’s consumer‚ and the person you want for your business is a lot more sophisticated. For one thing most of them are quite comfortable on the internet. They search regularly for something they want via google‚ yahoo‚ and even facebook.

If You Can’t Beat Em‚ Join Them!

The savy network marketer realizes that in order to stay competitive‚ and continue to survive and thrive he has to tap into the internet‚ and yes very likely learn many new types of technology!

In my previous post I talked about tools of the trade. One of them is to harness the internet.

  1. Learn at least one new method or practice for generating leads and master it on at least a 3-month program.
  2. Monitor your results
  3. plan‚ review and edit according to your results
  4. If using a method that requires some money‚ budget for it.
  5. Plan on having a mentor who supports and helps you through the process (hint) if your upline is not any of the above‚ he May not be your best choice for a mentor.

Upline May Resist and Thwart Your Progress

Unfortunately‚ an upline isn’t always your Mentor! You see a true mentor will encourage you to grow‚ even if its not doing the things that brought him success. Or‚ again unfortunately‚ he May not be honest with you about his success. So I warn you be prepared for possible resistance from your upline. At best its human nature to resist change because it is uncomfortable.

Here Are The top 3 reasons why your upline May resist the idea of evolving their approach to generating leads:

  1. Hiding behind technology “ignorance” – lots of people find it an easy excuse to dismiss using technology by saying they are not “tech savvy” and therefore turn their back on it.
  2. Lack of belief in its ability to work – did you know that very prominent and intelligent people wrote articles and were even quoted as saying that a computer would never have any practical use in the day to day lives of people?
  3. Fear of change – Fear of change is basically the same as an inability to change; the end result is exactly the same. They think they are moving ahead when in reality they are regressing. Anyone who is afraid of change‚ from the style of their hair or clothes to the types of processes necessary to stay relevant is in danger of becoming extinct.

Wrapping it up!

Being willing to change is crucial to any success whether its network marketing or anything else. Realizing that technology is your friend‚ not your enemy is key. Being also willing to think out of the box even if its not what you upline is doing is another key. 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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