5 Principles to Adopt in Business For This Year

In MLM – 5 Principles to Adopt in Business For This Year

“People are not successful because they have money. In fact‚the exact opposite is true. They have money because they are successful.” author unknown

The commitment we make today‚ directly affects the success we will see tomorrow! (Lynda Cromar)


1. “Decide WHAT It Is You Want For Your Life —

Not Your Business‚ But Your Life.” And make sure they are your goals‚ if money were no longer an issue what would you do with your day?

This is key because we often compartmentalize our lives‚ and we put off our personal for our business. Think about business creating your life‚ so it is life goals that you want to achieve. As you do this‚ force yourself to think without limits. Don’t think about what other people would want for you. Only think about what YOU want for you. Break it down to the ridiculous. Once you do‚ you will be able to see if your current business will help you accomplish this‚or if you need to find one that will!

2. “Determine WHY You Are In Business For Yourself.”

Did you start your business to support a lifestyle of your choosing and design‚ or was it simply for a paycheck to cover your bills and take a “vacation” once a year? Owning a business is available to everyone. But being a highly successful entrepreneur is reserved for those who truly have the mindset that they are free to do what they want‚ whenever they want.

3. “Stop Trying To Recruit Anyone And Everyone As A Customer.”

Start by targeting a specific group and make this your market. Discover what the needs of the prospects in this particular market are. Find out their challenges. Find out what you can do to serve them as individuals‚ and as a group.

You can begin by targeting a certain industry‚ profession‚ or trade association. Look for a need you can fill‚ be the solution to a problem! Maybe upfront they won’t immediately need what your business offers‚ but you can start by giving them what you offer.

Then they will become fans of YOU — which is really what being an entrepreneur is all about. And as a result‚ many of these fans‚ if not most‚ will eventually become customers of your business‚ and refer many others to it as well!

4. “Get Some New Friends.”

By associating with people who are also highly successful entrepreneurs that think how you wish to think‚ live how you wish to live‚ and generate the type of money you wish to generate‚you will inevitably move past simply being the common business owner‚ and be well on your way to becoming a highly successful entrepreneur yourself!

It is interesting to note that as you begin to do this‚ people whose thinking and lifestyles that are out of alignment with how you are trying to think and live‚ will start to move away from you. It is a habitual tendency for humans to fight to hang on to people and things that are moving out of their lives.

Even when those people and things no longer serve us. But you must allow this to happen. As you do‚ people whose thinking and lifestyles that are in alignment with how you are trying to think and live will start to move towards you. And as you grow as a person‚ you will gravitate naturally towards those that have the same goals that you do.

5. “Establish Yourself As An Authority.”

  • Establishing a public presence is the first step in positioning yourself as an authority.
  • Start a personal blog site and join online social networks like Twitter‚ Facebook‚and LinkedIn.
  • Let people know you’re here and here to stay! The first place people search for an entrepreneur that can help them is the Internet. NOT the phone book‚ NOT the newspaper‚ and NOT their mailbox. The Internet.
  • Don’t just market your company — Market YOU. Establish an image of the real you‚ if you are not real it will become apparent.
  • Attend local networking groups and speak at their meetings.
  • Learn all you can about the ideas and solutions that will help the people you are seeking to gain as customers and share them.
  • Write articles like this one to let your market see that you are real‚ that you are here to serve them‚ and to help establish yourself as an authority in your industry and theirs.
  • Keep in mind‚ people are seeking and in need of industry authorities‚ not business owners who are ‘comfortably informed’ about the business they are involved with.
  • Deliver valuable information and do your utmost to create a positive experience for your family‚ friends‚ and associates.
  • Be sure that all of your interactions‚ online and offline‚ demonstrate your greatness both personally and professionally.
  • Here’s What I Want You To Do Now…

I want you to think about your last job…

  • What job did you apply for? It was one that you felt comfortable doing‚ and one that you felt you could do‚ right?
  • Remember how it was for your first few days‚ or first few weeks when you were screwing up and not getting it totally right?
  • What did you do? Did you give up?


  • You stuck with it‚ learned everything you needed to learn‚ and did everything you needed to do‚ because there was a result you were focused on; a paycheck.
  • I’m sure you saw your job as something you had to do. And now you see your business as something you want to do — or at least it should be. So focus on a result greater than just a paycheck. And make it a requirement‚ in fact‚ demand that your business provide you with much more than that as well.
  • You see‚ the challenge with coming out of a job and into having and running your own business‚ is that you bring certain psychological habits you learned as an employee with you. Habits that will NOT serve you in running a successful business.

With the aid of the ideas we’ve discussed‚ you CAN be successful. Regardless of the business you have. It’s just a matter of committing yourself‚ your time‚ and your money to those things that will ensure success with your particular business. Remember‚ there is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’ when it comes to transforming your business.

Or anything else for that matter. There is only process. And part of that process is keeping consistent focus on what it is you truly want until you consistently get it. It is my hope that the information contained in this article will help and support you through this process. 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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