5 Super Ways To Overcome MLM Blog Writer’s Block!

I Truly Used To Whine About What To Write About In My MLM Blog

Now before you get too worried about it here is one thing I know even the most beginner beginner can do right now. This is going to be easy so go with me on this! I am going to share with you some sure fire easy ways to overcome your mlm blog writer’s block today! All through several entries I have been sharing ways to create more leads and sales on yourmlm blog.

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Walk over to your book shelf. Pick a book you have either not read‚ or have not read in a while (preferably it is on business or personal development) Then look at it flip through it. Look for a list of things. Okay you found it? Once you have found it‚ take that list and type it into your WordPress blog.

Now read a little from that part of the book and flesh out the list. Now (without using word for word from book) give your own commentary. Most people when they have writers block‚ generally are just thinking of themselves. But when you start looking at what you could share with someone else‚ you should never have it again.

Feeling Unworthy Or CREDIBLE To Write In Your MLM Blog?

As I have been teaching you through several blog posts starting with the launch of Ray Higdon’s Problog Academy‚ we have to start to get clear on who we are talking to. I like to write like I am talking to a friend. My MLM Blog May not SEO the best‚ but maybe that really doesn’t matter! Who visits your MLM Blog is what matters!

When I first started out I would agonize and read all kinds of things from others. I would even look at using an e-mail or blog‚ not that I did‚ but at times it was tempting because I didn’t feel I had value.

Your MLM Blog Is Your Long-Term Asset

We have to be clear on something. Writing in your MLM Blog is a long-term asset. You still want to be doing other activities that create the immediate result such as recruiting. Yeah I bet you thought I was going to tell you blogging alone would do it for you. Eventually yes‚but not at first. Working on your MLM Blog is a long-term process‚ and you also want short-term things you can do also.

So Here Are A Few Writer’s Block Killers To Create MLM Blog Content!

MLM Blog Writer’s Block Killer — 1 — Existing and New Training When you go to a mlm webinar‚ when you go to a live event‚ doesn’t matter if its local or you have to travel‚ always go taking notes with the plan to not only implement but to also share on your mlm blog.

When you buy a book or you have one already‚ what made you buy that book? What did you expect to gain from it? What questions did you ask that you needed answered? Chances are pretty good that your prospect has asked the same question! So there is your topic!

MLM Blog Writer’s Block Killer — 2 — Use Questions! Ever done your own mlm event or webinar? Have a Fan Page on Facebook? Ask questions to get interaction! Yes questions are a great way to not only be better at serving your mlm target market‚ but a way to create content for your mlm blog!

I do that all the time‚ I bring up a discussion on Facebook‚in Linkedin or any other Social Media. Its a fabulous way to get people to interact and get clues to what they are thinking‚ then you can write about that in you MLM Blog!

MLM Blog Writer’s Block Killer — 3 — The Local Book Store! I haven’t done this yet but I do visit Barnes and Nobel frequently. Go to the business section‚ browse the titles‚ that is a great first place to start. It should spark some ideas.

I do love going into Airport bookstores all the time‚ the name escapes me right now‚ but I almost always pick up several books when I travel! And as I read‚ I get great ideas for future MLM Blog content. Now of course I have so many books I never run out of ideas.

MLM Blog Writer’s Block Killer — 4 — Forums and Discussion Boards I belong to several. It would be impossible in my opinion not to find a topic there that you could turn into mlm blog content! I also start forum topics just to see what kind of reaction and discussion will crop from it!


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