6 Ways To Avoid Being A MLM Destroyer

Okay Why Would I Talk About Ways MLM Leaders Can Destroy Their Team?

I just hope you read this because it is important! MLM Leaders are people just like you and me! Sometimes they go ballistic‚ and they tear it apart‚ don’t be one of these!

Of course this is not to say that leaders all do this‚ but it is a warning and also an opportunity to look inside‚ because we are all either MLM leaders now or potentially MLM leadersof the future. MLM Leadership is a quality that can be born in anyone‚ and the challenge is that it is in a human being that that quality must reside.

Very often in the process of building teams‚ there are MLM Leaders that have been elevated to the role of MLM Leader before the needed skills are in place. I have been there myself‚and I have seen it happen to others.

I am thankful that for the most part‚ I have found MLM Leaders that although of course human‚ they have learned from their mistakes and grown. I am also glad that I have had the opportunity for growth in the role of leader.

So What Are The 6 Ways I Have Found That MLM Leaders Can Destroy Their Team? (And Ways To Avoid It) Read all these points‚ and the second point is the positive ways to avoid being that MLM Destroyer!

1. My Way Or The Highway Do It My Way Or Else

  • This MLM Leader has an opinion and its only his that counts. He is not open to an opinion and he believes that if someone wants to voice their opinion then they are rebellious  and they are on disciplinary or suspended. This MLM Leader is insecure and considers anyone with an opinion to be a threat. This is an environment of control only when that person is present. During the time he is not‚ there is rebellion in small ways. Loyalty is low.
  • To avoid being this type of MLM Leader always listen to your team‚ involve your team‚learn from your team and embrace the reality that the collective sum is much better than the Know It All MLM Leader.

2. All About The Numbers:

  • Although numbers do matter‚ no one wants to be viewed as a number. The theory on this one is the bottom line is only important if it results in dollars and sense. The MLM Leadershipin this type of individual is all about the numbers. He wants that report and he wants it to reflect the results he is looking for. For this MLM Leader it is about you reporting everyday a certain amount of contacts without excuse. This MLM Leader doesn’t leave it to you‚ he won’t even work with you if you are not doing the numbers! So when a MLM leader only focused on the numbers and the numbers are the only reflection os success‚ he leaves people feeling inadequate and miserable.
  • So instead of being this type of MLM Leader don’t forget about their team of people who are making those numbers happen.  Don’t lose sight of the “how” because they are so focused on the “what.” While numbers matter‚ people matter more.  Focus on creating a healthy team and healthy numbers will be a natural bi-product.

3. Talk But Don’t Listen:

  • No one can get a word in or have an opinion because the this MLM Leader is always talking.  Not only is he always talking‚ he will never listen. This MLM Leader to hear himself talk‚ and when someone talks He wants to interrupt and tell his story!
  • If people are not heard‚ they will cease to say the things that matter.  Shh (be quiet) Listen! Ask open questions that encourages discussion‚ and other opinions.

4. Change Things For The Sake Of Changing Things:

  • Change is good and sometimes necessary to create forward momentum.  This MLM Leadertakes this to another level by changing things just to let you know that they’re the boss.  He is unwilling to receive feedback or go back to what worked‚ even if their change isn’t working. When under this type of MLM Leader the team is always guessing‚ and always wrong!
  • Don’t fix what ain’t broke! If you find what works for both you and Your MLM Team‚don’t change just for the sake of change. While it can be boring at times‚ to stay with the same routine‚ it is dangerous to completely change it around. It creates a feeling of instability.
  • When you want to try something‚ do it as a test or an experiment‚ without actually taking away the stable routine that has been working all along. Then survey the impact‚ timing and necessity of change.

5. They Just Don’t Care:

  • The quickest way to destroy an MLM team is to be an MLM Leader that just doesn’t care about the players on the team.  Team members know the difference between the fake stuff and the genuine care and concern for the individual players and the collective team.  These MLM Leaders care more about their title‚ role‚corner office so to speak. They are all about showing off what they have accomplished. And the most important thing is that they arrived than they do their team.
  • Although it takes some time and skill‚ at least in MLM‚ you don’t really arrive‚ unless your team is doing it too! So be the MLM Leader that always shares the glory with his whole team! I’ll close with the words of John Maxwell‚ “People don’t care how much you know‚ until they know how much you care.”

6. It Is All About Control!

  • This MLM Leader cannot let go of control. I saw this one happen personally. He is very paranoid‚ he is watching everyone and imagining that they are talking about them‚and judging them. I saw a person I admired completely disinigrate a Diamondship by back-biting to her whole team. When the other leadership in her team wanted to go and do their own calls‚ she had spies come in and find out what they were talking about‚and when there was nothing to report‚ she created stuff. This MLM Leader is all about control.
  • To avoid this being this kind of MLM Leader‚ celebrate when you have created leaders that want to grow and build teams. You don’t have to have your finger in every pie. You don’t have to be there to control it! This might be a hard one but you must let go! The point is you must create independent distributors‚ if they are dependent on you‚ you will never grow.

Sometimes the MLM Leader is just not ready for the task of being a leader! I hope you will read the list and especially the points that share how to be the leader you want to be! Take stock of yourself! And as you develop leaders‚ celebrate the smallest victory and more will come. After all‚ the whole point of building an organization is to create independent MLM Leaders that can carry on without you! So my advise to you is to study the dos (the second points and to use the first point as a warning)

And That Is The 6 Ways MLM Leaders Can Destroy Their Teams‚ (And Ways To Avoid It)


To Your Abundant Success!!

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