This is a personal story!

My mother is suffering from Congestive Heart Failure‚ she has about 5% capacity now. She is in hospice.

I am helping her with my natural products and its helping to make her comfortable‚ but we can’t cheat death in this one.

We know he days are numbered.
Three weeks ago, my sister Sandy came from Washington state to visit for four days. My other sister that lives in Utah couldn’t be here because of her health.

Mom had really been counting on seeing both of her daughters. And of course, I would be there. But through the internet and technology we were able to pull it off.

Sandy set up skype on my laptop which has a built-in cam. So, in just a few short moments‚ we were all in the room‚ because of a little thing called the internet‚ that most of us take for granted.

Most of the time I talk to you about how to help your business. But the real reason we do this is for those we love.

Sandy and Bobbi‚ please post pictures to this if you have any. My camera wasn’t working‚ didn’t get many pictures.


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