How And When To Actually Offer Your MLM Opportunity

I had a conversation today with one of my team members.

He is real new but talking about doing all of these great techniques.

That is what prompted this blog entry. We all talk about techniques like that is going to build our teams.

But it doesn’t any more than doing those pitches do. So let’s get into what really works today.

MLM Companies Give You Their Replicated Website

Most MLM Companies want you to offer their product or service‚ directly through a replicated site.

And while that might have worked at the beginning‚ it is definitely not very effective today.

Most network marketing prospects are a lot savvier than that. They want to understand you and what it is that you are all about. And here is another proven thing.

These sites do not show up on searches. They simply won’t find you that way. That is why there is so much information on that!

Getting Side-Tracked With All The Techniques

So we also talk about doing the blogs‚ the articles‚ the videos‚ yada yada yada. Yes we want to do that.

But in the end‚ it’s still about real people‚ and since we already established that they are smarter than that; what is it we really have that we can offer that is unique and different?

How do we be our best unique self‚ and not a carbon copy of someone else? What is it that makes you different?

I had another conversation about that. It is exactly what you must capitalize on. Who are you and how can you connect with people in the best way.

How open are you‚ how do you build that rapport?

How can you more effectively connect? If you don’t have those skills then that should be something you are looking to learn.

We have heard this many times‚ but I must hammer it again here:

People join People not opportunities or comp plans. We look for leadership and we look to see that what they have is something we can apply.

If it’s too flashy or too hard‚ it will not be attractive.

When To Offer The MLM Opportunity 

It is proven that most frustrated network marketers change companies on an average of every 2–3 years.

So let’s just say you have been helping Suzie Q build and you have taught her all of your best stuff‚ and you even gave her free tools‚ like I endorse‚and something happens.

She is now in the market‚ she is shopping. Well‚ hey you have been her friend‚ she is quite naturally going to ask you about yours.

The rapport is already built. The training already in place. She has been learning from you. Wouldn’t that be the best new partner you could ever ask for? If you didn’t say yes then I have not made my point! 


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