Advise Your Upline Might Not Have Given You Build Your Business WITHOUT Friends & Family

Your friends & family love you. And they want to save you from this bad thing called MLM … and they know nothing about it. Here’s my belief: Go build your business.

* Talk to like-minded people.
* Target your market.
* Build your business.
* Get into positive cash.
* Get your car allowance‚ whatever your company offers ‚

– and your family will still be there. Go talk to them after you already have built a positive cash flow.

Or talk to them about your products. Maybe you have awesome products they can buy from your website. Do that.

But do NOT talk to friends & family about a business! Don’t do it.

Here’s what’s magical. When you’re in positive cash‚ you walk differently. You talk differently. You have this attitude‚ this positive-ness. And your friends & family will want a part of that. They cannot tell you‚ “This doesn’t work” when it’s working. You’re driving your new bonus car‚ or you won a company-paid trip to Italy‚ how can they tell you it doesn’t work?

To be long-term successful‚ you will need a marketing system anyway. You will have to be able to tap into the cold market anyway. So you May as well go ahead and set that up first. Get that working‚ get successful‚ and then your friends & family will fall in line. 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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