How Apply What You Learn From Webinars And Live Events For Your MLM Business!

Today I will share my 6-point plan I use to apply what I learn from any live mlm business event that I attend.

In the previous post I talked about how important personal development is to your mlm business‚ I can tell you I have attended many live mlm business events and at times I can also confess I didn’t always apply any of what I learned.

I have realized though that I really have no reason to attend if I am not going to apply anything. But that doesn’t mean don’t attend‚ that means come with the intention that you are going to apply at least one thing that you pick up while you are there!

So Lets Talk About How Apply What You Learn From Webinars And Live Events For Your MLM Business

In a previous post I talked about how to use journaling for your mlm business‚ and that applies here. Don’t rely on just your memory to remember and have the steps all ready to go.

1’-Have a way to record your notes so that you can have what you heard again to go over.

2 — Take the time to go over them while they are fresh in your mind‚ and make new comments in margin or around each point

3 — Decide what you are going to apply or implement into your business.

4 — Map out a plan to use what you have learned

5 — Buy or enroll any appropriate follow up training that will supplement and further train what you want to apply.

6 — Set up a daily plan to implement the strategy that you have learned during your training So Thought For Today Learn How Apply What You Learn From Webinars And Live Events For Your MLM Business


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