Are We Having Fun Yet?

I Love that movie‚ “Are We There Yet?”

Don’t ask me to remember actors‚ or the details‚ but the basic premise‚ was that the boyfriend and the children were stuck in a car going somewhere‚ and they had many silly mishaps along the way!

Isn’t that how life is‚ we have obstacles to overcome every day and every week. Its our job to solve those problems and become better because of it. How many in life are doing the same thing. Stuck in a life they are not happy with. Stuck in a job‚ stuck without a job.

Probably 85–95% of people on the internet are involved in some kind of business. Now that is not an official statistic so don’t quote me. So most of us are on our own “journey” creating a better life for ourselves and and our families.

And as I am sure many of you had‚ I was convinced that using the internet was a way to create it faster and easier.

Now of the many kinds of internet businesses‚ Multi-level-marketing or MLM for short seems to be the most prolific model out there‚ with Affiliate-marketing following close behind.

I was involved in MLM or we called it many other things‚ don’t have all of the labels handy and it doesn’t matter‚ before it was so popular to do it on the internet.

Back then it was about relationships! Interesting how that has started to be the trend again!   Now they even have a coined phrase: Relationship Marketing‚ or Attraction Marketing.

Just fancy words to really mean that you want to get to know the person‚ maybe find out if its even going to be a good fit‚ and if they really want to do it! Somewhere in all of my wanderings‚

I found myself a POW‚ or Prisoner of War‚ that I created all by myself. I started to create this world of work‚ that was totally not necessary.

I had the same work ethic as I did during a job‚ with things that had to get done. I didn’t leave any time for my family‚ or for myself to just be me or to have some fun.

I kept waiting for the business to “take off” and let me have the opportunity to get back to the things I loved to do. “Are We There Yet!” When I was rescued‚

I didn’t want to give up my POW‚ it became almost comfortable‚ and I didn’t even realize why I was so frustrated and unhappy. To come back to my main subject‚ is it should be fun. We should like it‚ after all we did “choose this right?”

I did make a choice‚ it wasn’t forced on me! So Network Marketing is something I do‚ as part of my life‚ its not my whole life! So its about balance‚ ohhhhh!

So all of you work-a-holics out there‚ I know you’re there maybe even some of you will read this.

Know its about balance‚ and maybe just maybe a little bit of fun! Life is too short to create your own POW. or your own‚ “Are We There Yet?” And just maybe you need to look at what you are doing and realize that just maybe someone has a better way! 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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