Are You Hiding Under A Sheet

Are You Hiding Under A Sheet

Today is Halloween of which I don’t like all the evil images that come up SO I CHOSE A SHEET GHOST.. WHICH ACTUALLY MANY OF US DO THIS.. LET ME EXPLAIN…

Today I would like to relate it to something I have recently discovered

Most of use start hiding under the sheet even when we are young..

We get frightened by things whether they are visible or not.. our fears

And we loose some of the precious parts of ourselves

I know I did that‚

I let others decide who I was‚ because I was not always brave about finding my true self

I let others judge me‚ and try to change me

When I went to the Empower event this time‚ I started to see my real self

I no longer have to hide underneath the sheet

I have thrown off that fear

I have begun to see myself differently

And that is what I will truly reveal now from now on

I must be myself‚

Even if some find it an offense

I will no longer worry about that

I believe I have to be myself


To Your Abundant Success!!

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