I Had To Ask: How Do You Get Found Online

Lets face it we are competing now will probably many thousands of websites all over the net. And we have to get back to basics here‚ what do people search for‚ and how can we be the one they see and click on? I know that most people understand the need for a website of some kind. What does get their attention? First of all it is important to understand how a search works!

People search in questions‚ because they are looking to solve a problem.

So your job is to find out what those questions are that they are asking in relationship to your product.

You must honestly answer this:

  •  Does my product or service answer their questions
  • Can I solve their problem?
  • Do I understand their questions?
  • How can I better serve people by putting better information out there that they will find?

So when you go searching for something‚ you get certain websites

  •  Static websites
  • Catalog based
  • Blogs and review sites

Lets face it‚ the search is ruled by content. What is content you might ask? It is information based on search. It can be video‚ blogs‚ catalogs‚ commerce sites etc.

The majority of them are blogs

Why you ask?


A Google bot will crawl a site once if it is static and index it‚ then you are really done. But if you are constantly supplying good information‚ then that site gets re-indexed frequently. And that is what you want. It will get more attention the more relevant the information is to search! What that means to you is something pretty simple‚ it brings visitors to your site‚frequently if you are doing a good job of getting the right search words into your content!


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