Attract What You Expect, Yes!

It really doesn’t have to be hard or complicated..

I know I know.. everything around you seems so..

I know it did to me..

Yesterday I just took a day.. to just BE!

No agenda.. (except at the end was the hair apt)

I didn’t have a plan when I started..

I grabbed my phone and went..

Sometimes the stress and strain of life begins to weigh on you..

That is how I felt yesterday..

At about 10:30 I said that’s it I am outta here!

Like I said I grabbed my phone purse and keys..

Since the hair apt was in Parker.. that is the direction I went

I stopped at shops.. sometimes I bought something sometimes I just looked

I didn’t wish or wonder.. just looked..

I looked up at the clear beautiful sky and was grateful..

At the beginning my legs were heavy..

At the end I felt light..

Be what you want to be.. desire and see..

What do your respect..

What do you desire?

Sometimes we let the things that were thrust on us be those things and they aren’t really..

I haven’t completely put it all together what I was gleaning from yesterday..

I do know there will be changes..

I will tune you in as I make my own discoveries..

(I wrote this right around a year ago)

I believe that it was important to say it..

Today feels good to really know I am in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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