How To Avoid Killing Your Network Marketing Success

Yesterday I talked about MLM Momentum and how to create it and it relates to this today as well. I also learned that just Surviving will not create that network marketing success! I cut a video for you last night that I think is the best intro for this entry about how complaining can become your network marketing success killer!

Now as you heard in my video I was telling you a story about my Mother’s diary. Now of course there are some great things there too‚about our family and many things about her personal experiences that are valuable‚ and that is why I am working on preserving it. I can tell you one thing though‚ generally most complainers are so busy complaining that they take very little or no action.

They are more afraid of failure and they are really quitting‚ in their mind they have quit‚ they just haven’t had enough courage yet to admit it. For sake of argument lets asks some questions and be honest with yourself! Are you a complainer? Do you find yourself saying things like: (substitute your own whine here)

  1. These leads I’m using are awful.  I never sponsor anyone.
  2. My upline is never around when I need him.  He’s horrible.
  3. These MLM forums aren’t worth a dime.  Everyone here is trying to sell me into their biz op.
  4. This system isn’t working

Okay these are just examples but there will be some that are related to your mentor or upline‚but hopefully you get the idea that these things lead to killing your network marketing success. If you find yourself with these kinds of thoughts regularly‚ then you are a complainer. Now much of the time you will be able to find people who are having success with the very same things that you are complaining about!

How To Avoid Avoid Killing Your Network Marketing Success

So now you have learned not to complain but working on your attitude‚ but now you find that you have whiners in your network marketing team? You know a whiner right at the outset: Why is it so much money to get into your network marketing business?  Why do I have to pay to work for the company?

What happens if I can’t get anyone to sign-up?  Will I be able to get my money back? A whiner is usually always a victim of someone else’s actions: I’m in the present financial state I’m in not because of me but because of whatso-and-so did.   It’s so unfair‚ I always do everything for everyone and I’m treated this way.

My upline in my other network marketing company wanted me to fail that’s why they would never help me. It will not be long before this person will infect other members of your group.  Other members who have the potential for building their business May suddenly quit under the influence of the whiner’s negativity.

This person will not only kill their own network marketing success‚but yours as well. While we want to help everyone‚ there has to be a desire on your part‚and on the part of your team members to look beyond their present circumstances and be willing to take action even if it is uncomfortable in order to create network marketing success.

How To Build Your Network Marketing Success

While we can talk a lot about what to do for them‚ it’s very important that you have to be in a place where you can help them. For me at least‚ I am looking for action takers‚ now that doesn’t mean they will have instant success‚ and that they won’t complain at times.

I know also I had to be brought through a lot of personal development some of which‚ at the time I thought was silly and I couldn’t see that the change in my mindset was going to change my business. One thing that my wise mentors did not do is enable me. They did not listen to my complaining and commemorate with me. They did not pat me on the back and say it’s okay you don’t have to have network marketing success.

You see they understood that that was not going to help me gain my success that I wanted. So I had them telling me things like “I know you will figure it out!” That infuriated me at the time‚ but you know what? I did figure it out. I did continue fighting. I did continue learning. And that is what you want for all of your team.

And obviously who you are is going to attract like! You must first come to realize that if you are complaining that you will have many of the same individuals on your team. That is how you can definitely kill your network marketing success. I also know that there is no way I can make anyone do what they won’t do‚ but I can be an example to them showing them by my own actions‚ what it takes to create network marketing success.


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