Be An Example

You have to realize that once you have created a team‚ even if it is of one‚ you have to show by your efforts how to create the success. If you are not consistently building it would not make sense to expect them to would it?

Now how you do it‚ whether its particular types of marketing will vary for you and for your team. They are looking to you to determine what is okay for them to do‚ they need your guidance and advise. It’s also important to help them create a plan‚ just as you have.

And then its about consistent daily action! It is often the case that your team will rarely over-produce you‚ in fact they will generally do about half what you do. If you are really casual‚ then they will be half of that‚ if you are driven‚ again they will be half of that!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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