Become A Leader Of One!

We all know that we are what we attract!

If we are to attract those who truly are going to explode our business‚ we must first create that in ourselves. I see a lot of people that shy away from this‚ and I know that I did at first too!

Become A Leader Of One!

Before you can lead many you must lead one‚


What attributes must you adopt and create in yourself. What must you become? These and many more questions must be answered. Are your thought processes of thinking that you must always have others show you the way? This is standing in your way of becoming the leader that you must be! Lead yourself first‚ abandon the desire to make excuses. Be the best at what you do‚ and become a teacher.

Lead or Baby?

I don’t know about you‚ but I just don’t have time to baby people. I am not someone who has to be lead to every step and prodded to do it‚ so I don’t attract those types either. You know what I mean the ones who have so much fear‚ they will never take any steps on their own‚ lol. Hey this is not to say they May eventually come out of their shell‚ but I am not here to do therapy sessions! That is not my expertise! So after getting good at leading yourself (don’t take a long time on that process)‚ you should be recruiting up!

Recruiting up

This is the process of going to people that truly already have some of the leadership qualities that you want. Many are afraid of this‚ but think about it. Would you rather have the person who works at McDonalds part-time and is perfectly happy there‚ or the CEO of a company that is already in possession of skills? Yes right the CEO‚ or the Real Estate Agent‚or the Insurance Agent. These people already do some of the things that it takes to be successful! This kind of person also sees the value of investing in a business and won’t give you excuses when they are told the cost of joining.

Creating Leaders

There are those who May not be yet in a leadership position but they are hungry. How do you know? If they will follow instruction!

Will they follow your lead and do things that are out of their comfort zone? If yes they are potential leaders. Will they take the daily steps? Will they keep at it even through discouragement‚ temporary failure‚ and facing fears? Will they grow?

Only by testing them will you know. If you are met by excuses‚ they are either not ready‚or not good leadership material. And we can never make them until they are really ready‚and hungry!

What Makes a Leader

Essential Qualities in a Leader:

1) Leaders walk the talk.

2) Leaders take action.

3) Leaders help others.

4) Leaders inspire others.

5) Leaders take responsibility for their actions.

6) Leaders invests in themselves! (both money and time)

So the question is…is it better to create leaders or find leaders?

Your leaders will show up for the events that you promote and they promote them to their team. You will not spend any time chasing them or babying them. They understand that they have to take action for themselves.

While they will ask questions at first‚ you will be able to tell that it is well-thought out and it will not be things that they could have easily found out for themselves. Your job then is to give them the atmosphere in which they can become leaders in your organization. You will point to the events and training necessary. You will suggest things that they can do. You will test to see if they follow through.

Be The Example

In the end though the most powerful way to create and attract leaders to you is to be the example of what you want from them. It’s not enough to tell them‚ you must also show them. Make sure you are always accountable for your own business and creating new business all the time. You must be in action daily yourself! My Views On Leaders:


To Your Abundant Success!!

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