How To Become A Person Of Value! And Attract More Business!

I just downloaded all the video from my camcorder and found a video I did at the No Excuses a few months ago‚ but its relevant now.

I talked about how important it was to become a person of value‚ and that one of the major ways to do that was to attend such events as the No Excuses and other MLM sponsored events.


For many people and this is sad‚ they believe education only happens in a classroom. And since they didn’t have the very best experience there they have this phobia for learning.

They associate it with negative things. But education is more than just reading boring textbooks. It is all about the experiences and the comprehension we get from the things we read‚ hear and see. Its also about our own perspective.


There are no two people with the exact same perspective! How I view things will not be exactly the same as anyone else. I bring my personal experiences and my own beliefs to everything‚ as do everyone else.

I think sometimes its funny when I am attending something live‚ people ask me to take notes so I can tell them about it. When I come back I know that what I wrote is really personal‚ and often wouldn’t mean anything to anyone else!

Learning is a Personal Thing

So if we know that everyone has their own beliefs tied up with their learning then we know that I cannot really bring back to you something that May be of value to you. I can bring back my own perceptions‚ and what jumped out at me.

But here is the thing‚ where I am and where you are May not be the same place‚ and what I feel and pick up will not necessarily be what you would get. So when someone asks me to bring them the knowledge from something‚ its impossible. I can only bring my own perception‚ based on my beliefs and where I am in my own personal development.

Creating Your Value

Making it a point to attend at least one non-specific event‚ in other words not just your company events at the minimum yearly is a key ingredient to building your own value.

Because when you learn and then apply‚ your value must increase. I have at least found that to be true for me.

I also know that taking notes are just not enough‚ take the time to go over them‚ and decide to apply something. Journal about that. Then look the leaders up that you liked and follow them on facebook twitter‚ and get on their mailing list. Be willing to learn more always. I know one thing‚ the more I learn‚ the more I realize

I have to learn. I also start seeing a wider vista. Those who are not willing to learn‚ have a very narrow view of things. They are easily swayed by others. They have not learned to think for themselves‚ and that my friends‚ is one of the most valuable things you can learn to do‚ THINK FOR YOURSELF! We have gotten used to watching news programs or other such things that push belief systems on us.

But we really do have control of that if we want to. it is only when we make the decision to be the real force behind our own future‚ and that includes what things we will be willing to learn about and grow that we have created great value in ourselves‚ that others will recognize!

Attracting More Business!

Everything really is a bottom line of creating business‚ profits‚ which happens when we attract more distributors and customers. Well of course all of the above is part of that. Everyone loves being around someone who has confidence‚ and nothing brings it to you faster than understanding what your business is all about‚ and if you are already in a habit of learning‚you will have that confidence. Make sure to be around others like that‚ and take every chance you can get to learn more!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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