How Being Congruent and Authentic Is So Key To Your MLM Success!

I am on a mission it might become apparent by this post! I see so much out there that really makes me want to scream! Good example is the “I agree” I am seeing all over the place.

But do you agree because you don’t want to be wrong? That is not a good reason and it’s definitely not congruent! What if you adamantly disagree! Sometimes you might even butt heads a bit with someone over it‚ but it’s about your own set of values and that is really important!

Examine What You Are Putting Out There!

You have to realize that it’s like you are introducing yourself to millions of people when you come online! Everything you do is no longer private. Just do a search for your name‚ if you have been out there for a while‚ and it will bring up all of your Social Media Profiles‚ your blog‚and any other articles or videos that are posted. I see people all the time taking this so casually!

This is your business‚ from day one‚ you have to take it very seriously! What is it that you want to be known for? What are the passions that you want to portray? In everything that you write or record‚ that is going to come through.

That is called Branding‚ although that is really another topic! Over time you will be developing a presence‚ and there will be those who follow you.

What value that you share will have an effect on everyone who listens or reads what you post. It May be hard to imagine‚ but you May have an audience of thousands‚ even millions over time!

Coming to Understand Your Own Values and Beliefs

You must be clear on what your values and beliefs are because whether you know you are doing it or not‚ they are shining through what you write and record on video. If you are having  a bad day‚ it’s going to come through.

Rather than have a nasty rant that you will regret later‚ take the time to cool down‚and evaluate how you can constructively use it‚ or if you cannot then discard it quickly‚ it doesn’t serve you.

Your readers or listeners will be able to tell just by the color of your comments that you are off! This can actually cause some repercussions that you really cannot afford!

Responding Congruently With Your Own Values

The internet is full of people with problems‚ and as network marketers we can be their solution! In order to do that we must try to see it through their eyes. It is not about us but about becoming the solution for people. We must always be as professional as possible and still be friendly. So it’s not advisable to be ranting about something online.

That totally can come back and bite you‚ just don’t do it. Instead try to find something positive about it! It’s really important to be honest. I know I hear and see evidence all over the place about how people kind of skim over this‚ but consider this: when people are not completely honest‚ they give off something that is detected by others‚ it’s really not easy to hide! This is part of being genuine and authentic.

Authenticity Matters!

You must be yourself at all costs! You are just growing into a more valuable you! Never make claims that are not true or that you cannot fulfill. Never over or undersell yourself.

It’s okay to be honest that you have not yet arrived at the level of success that you wish to be at. It’s better to not create a story that is not true‚ then you have to continue to build on it‚and how on earth would you keep that up?

It’s really okay not to give all your numbers to people even if they are impressive‚ did you know it’s actually against the law to show your bonus checks? We are not in the business to entice but to share real stories and if you haven’t actually started to live the one you want share another of someone who has!

Double Check What You Write and What You Post

It’s so important! Never repost someone else’s content! Oh so bad! Instead‚ read often‚and then you will find that what you feel will come out in what you write or what you post. One thing that I have found is that my honesty and authenticity comes through and it draws people to me‚ that is what you will want to develop in your own personality!

Give From Your Heart!

When you share something you have learned and give from your heart‚ it’s like this special heart to heart connection‚ it’s really hard to describe but that is what is happening. When I am writing a blog or article‚ I feel like I am seeing you in my mind’s eye and I am sharing with you how I feel.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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