Being Informed You Making Good Choices

My friend told a rather scary story.

She and her husband went on a real African Safari‚ they were in an open jeep out in the wilderness of South Africa. T

hey saw many of the animals up close and personal.

One key thing they were told was to stay low‚ not change the “shape of the vehicle by standing up or reaching outside the area of the jeep!

As long as they complied with their guide they would be “safe.” As they were rolling along they saw Giraffes‚ Elephants‚ Rhinos.

This was not a Disney ride but the real thing — no glass or barbed wire separated them from the animals. My friend took the above picture of a leopard. Now mind you‚ my friend is not as “techy” as me. Her camera is a simple digital with no fancy zoom lens or anything like that.

This cat came within inches of the vehicle and stared my friend down. We had a conversation about it after she got back. She actually didn’t realize that she was in real mortal danger til she was reviewing her shots on her camera and she came to the one with the leopard.  I get shivers just thinking about it.

“Leopards in our own lives”

I had a different experience not with a leopard but with a mentor who basically was a predator in the same way. He had designs on me and it was only about draining my account.

Unfortunately‚ I was not as wise as my friend and I did extend my arms out of the vehicle‚and I did get into the clutches of the “leopard.” I was trusting‚ and I believed him to be “caring” but soon found he was not. It took a time of re-assessment and actually looking back at the “picture” before I really realized how much danger I had been in.

Informed –

Later I had the opportunity to find a new place where mentors put you first and it was not about how much money you did or didn’t have.

I have never been sorry nor have I ever looked back. I learned from that experience‚sometimes its hard to see it when you are in it. Just like the story about the Leopard. Being informed and educated about what to look for became a very key thing for me.

Inoculating Yourself

We have two major choices in the world; we can be afraid and never take any chances‚ or we can agree that sometimes we have some risk. T

he choice to never take any chances rules out any chance of doing anything extraordinary. The choice to risk means we take a chance of failure‚ but actually every time we step outside of our door there is some risk.

So we can decide to learn about things then get a decision based on information or we can close ourselves off from everything. Its a choice.


Most people make decisions based on what knowledge they already have. The problem with that is network marketing is outside of any knowledge or experience they had had before. Many have had misconceptions that they will use to make that judgement. So just like the leopard story they May make a decision based on feeling that it is dangerous.

Making Educated Decisions

When you are forearmed‚ and you can make the decisions that will build your future. Even if you were like me and already had an experience with the leopard‚ its possible to get the real information‚ the real education so you don’t have to feel attacked. At least that has been my experience.

Finding Those Serious Leaders

It pays to study this industry and find those who have already accomplished what you want in your life‚ and then follow their pattern. That is what I have tried to do ever since I became aware of the “leopards”. T

hat is also why I connect with them in every way possible‚ in webinars and live events. When we do that we can create the same kind of success! That is also why I decided to align with this new program and the network that will create success for everyone‚ check it out!


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