Best Blogging Tactics That Attracts Your MLM Prospects

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In the past couple of articles I talked about how to be better at social engagement. Part of this is accomplished by writing good focused content that will address the needs of your target prospect.

Golden Nugget From Veteran MLM Builder Rob Fore

Today I am going to share a few of the golden nuggets that were shared by Rob Fore. Rob Fore has been working on internet for several years and has a easy method of blogging called Posting on Purpose For Profit. and this comes from the  first of three webinars that were offered prior to the Live the Dream event .

As I share these things I learned‚ keep in mind this doesn’t replace going to live events. When I started going to live events my business started to change. It was many things: being around people that had what I wanted to have‚ also learning new things that I can do to build a strong business‚ and change some of my habits and routines. In fact I met Rob fore in one of the earliest events that i attended.

Rob Fore Shared 5 Easy Steps

Remember this is an accumulative effect

1 — Pick something to sell

This can be our own MLM product or it can be an affiliate product or it can be something we have created ourselves. Its helpful to believe in it and use it. But contrary to what most believe you don’t have to be fanatical about it. The only thing that is important is that it helps people.

2 — Decide who would most likely buy that product

Most people in MLM believe that everyone is their mlm prospect but that just is not true. It is important to figure out who we really do want to focus on who will actually most likely buy our product.

While it might appear that someone who is terribly overweight and needs your weight loss product but they are not your best prospect if they don’t feel a need to change not only their weight but some bad habits.

3 — What words do they type into a search to find it

So once you have established that you have a good product and you know who your prospect is‚ next you need to know what the key words or phrases they are typing into a search are. They will determine what you say

4 — Create content based on that search

For a while people had the belief that they could just stuff an article or blog with key words and that would be enough but that just isn’t so! It is important to write a good article that truly addresses the questions (search) people have and solve their problems. When you are effectively solving their problems then you are going to be getting the results that you want mlm sales and distributors.

5 — Publish and syndicate our content (get eyeballs in front of it)

There are things we must do in order to get the results we really want. We need our article or blog to be seen. In order to do that we need to attract the right people to it. There are always back-links which we can create and there are many things out there about that. But one thing that seems to be overlooked is that Google likes social engagement‚ in other words Google likes something that gets shared‚ and receives comments. There are many ways to do that‚ and there isn’t time in this article to go into that. But we need to do what we can to bring our blog or article into the focus of others. I have enjoyed Rob’s course on that and it taught me much of what he covered last night.


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