A Big Key Is Systems

Creating leads is essential because without leads there will not be any sales.. The people that you are connected to here are not leads until they say yes by getting on your list..

You May have heard that the money is in the list..

So your most important job is to build that list‚ and again they have not said yes just because you asked for their friendship‚ they have to consciously say yes‚ to you on your list by saying yes to an offer‚ usually free before you can go on to sell them something..

I learned this kind of the hard way!

Facebook is one of the coolest ways to do that! I will be sharing tools that help you do that‚one of them is this new (old) product as Priceless Possibilities has been around for years and helping MLM’s build their custom systems.

Now they have a new cool tool that is specifically created to help you get leads..


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