A Big MLM Network Marketing Concept: You Have To Give Before You Get Be Grateful!

Today I want to share an experience I had and also teach a concept I know is very important to learn and understand!

I had the opportunity to go and serve at the Ronald McDonald House this morning and help people that are there because a child in their family is receiving treatment in a nearby hospital.

So the first part of this concept today is to be grateful for what we have. There are many who are less fortunate. Be appreciative of our bodies when they work and look for the silver lining in everything‚ even if it is not always apparent!

A Big MLM Network Marketing Concept:
You Have To Give Before You Get Must Give First

Early on in my MLM career‚ I was really struggling‚ and couldn’t figure out why it seemed to be so hard.

And then I read a book called the ”Go Givers” and this is not a book review‚ but I started to learn about how important it was in fact it was a law of nature‚ that until we learn to give‚getting is harder.

That was a hard one for me because‚ when you are in bad financial trouble‚ its all about the desperate need to make things better financially. But gradually that concept started to make more sense‚ and as I began to apply that principle‚ more started to come my way and the desperate feeling became‚ instead a desire to help‚ do you see the shift?

A Big MLM Network Marketing Concept: You Have To Give Before You Get It Is Not About You!

The next shift in my thinking came even latter! It was never about me but how

I could serve and help others. Now the common attitude is “What is in it for me?” And I am human‚ I had those same feelings‚ and sometimes I still do. But I learned that when I only did something because I am expecting a return‚ then it never gave that same kind of return.

But instead I learned to give up the control of that outcome‚ and just be immersed in the spirit of giving. And when appropriate‚ you can ask for something in return‚ whether it is the sale‚or them doing something for you. And sometimes you just enjoy the spirit of giving all by itself. Like today‚

I am giving my time to this group of people‚ and today the reward of them being grateful and the look on their faces‚ that someone cares‚ that is enough!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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