Breaking News! Facebook Friends Are Not Your Leads

You’d think actually most people knew that!

But really I know that most do not know that..

In fact I have had people tell me that they have a right to tell me about their business because we are friends..

Well No sorry!

The more that attitude prevails the more people will continue to fail…

What fixes that is to learn to build a list..

Grow a list of people that actually asked to get on your list!

Best way to do that is to offer something they want..

And guess what it is almost never your business!

The Drill Or The Hole?

When people buy the drill they are not really excited about having a drill..

They are really looking to make a hole!

So when people come to me sharing their business when I was not looking (and this is true of all people on Facebook or other Social Media) They are not looking for your business..

But they are looking for a solution..

Solution to what?

Sometimes its more money‚ sometimes its a way to get their business in front of more people! 99.99% are actually looking to find a better way to get their business in front of more people and that means they want leads!

What are Leads?

People who might buy what you have to offer‚ based on the queries that they search and the comments that they make out in social media!

Have the Drill Ready to Make the Hole!

So the drill in our business is a tool that will help them capture‚ and communicate with leads or as we just discovered people who might buy what they have to offer!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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