How Do You Build That Relationship That Lasts

What is good conversation ̵ how do you build that relationship that lasts‚ how do we get more people to listen to us?

For me its important that those I align with in business have certain qualities and values.

I have to like them too. I see that getting lost in the dash to get the person to listen to the presentation. I am more choosy. For those who think that its just a matter of getting into your presentation fast:

From Brian Tracy:

Many people think that the art of good conversation is to speak in an interesting and arresting fashion‚ to be noted for your humor‚ your ability to tell stories‚ and your general knowledge of a variety of subjects.

Many people feel that‚ if they want to be better at conversation‚ they must become more articulate‚ outgoing and expressive.  They think that they must become better talkers.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  As you’ve heard many times before‚ we come into this world with two ears and one mouth and we should use them in that same proportion.

In conversation‚ this simply means that you should listen twice as much as you talk if you want to get a reputation for being an excellent conversationalist.

The art of good conversation centers very much on your ability to ask questions and to listen attentively to the answers.

You can lace the conversation with your insights‚ ideas and opinions‚ but you perfect the art and skill of conversation by perfecting the art and skill of asking good‚ well worded questions.

That not only make the conversation go in the direction you want‚ but it gives other people an opportunity to express themselves.


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