Build Trust Or There Is No Business In Network Marketing

We always talk about “Know‚ Like‚ and Trust. And most people understand what it means to know someone and to like someone‚ but what does it take to get to trust us?

Keep Your Word – The First Element of Trust!

Let us think about this in detail because it is so key here. If you are not keeping your word‚and you knowingly break your word‚ what makes that any different that lying? We can make all the excuses we want but that is not in full integrity‚ and integrity is a much higher level of trust.

But I digress‚ how do you start today to keep your word.

It never used to be such an issue as it is today. But to be trusted by your clients‚ your associates‚ and most especially by your family‚ this is the first element that will either make or break your relationship! It is really that important!

If You Make A Promise – Keep It!

How do you do that? Well for one thing‚ never ever give someone a promise that you know full well that you cannot keep! That is number one. Don’t use the word “promise” loosely. Many do that. It becomes part of our vocabulary without even thinking about it.

When you break a promise you are saying specific things non-verbally:

“I don’t care about you enough to keep my promise!” “I didn’t really mean to make a promise to you!” “I am careless.”

What Do You Do When You Find That You Cannot Follow Through On A Promise?

For one thing‚ never ever blow it off and expect them to forgive you. Get on the phone‚ call and apologize sincerely‚ tell them what happened‚ and already have a plan on the alternative you are going to do instead. And then follow through on that one. Because two broken promises in a row‚ is going to guarantee that they will never trust you again.

We Earn The Trust Of People That Don’t Know Us

This is so key! Trust is not a given. We must earn it. And keeping promises is definitely the beginning of building that relationship of trust with a new business partner or customer.

What We Communicate Non-verbally When We Keep Promises:

“I care about you!” “Your trust in me matters!” “You are a top Priority!”

How To Stay On Top Of Our Promises And Commitments

  1. Write them down – if they are going to happen on a specific date‚ put it in your calendar!
  2. Hold yourself accountable!
  3. Never use rationalization to excuse yourself
  4. Follow through and if something happens you can’t control call right away and make a new contract with them.

Rather Than Have To Prove Ourselves All Over Again

Make sure and consider the repercussion of not keeping your promise‚ and breaking their trust! Realize that as a business owner it is necessary to build trust to build a business‚and that begins with keeping your word and your promises!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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