Building A Profile And A Presence!

I have been building this profile for nearly two years, it used to be my backup, until…

One day for no reason I can even now figure out, my profile is gone, and this is the only one.

This picture I found looks like the Twin Towers, I took one similar to it in 1996.

To build a skyscraper, you must start with a sure and stable foundation.

I heard on a video once, that the foundation for the towers were almost as deep as it was tall..

I run into people online all the time, that want to be at the top of the tower, but are not willing to build anything, not willing to invest any time or money…

It just doesn’t work that way..

It takes the willingness to build from that deep foundation up. they put 20 stories of foundation underneath, to support that building..

If you want something to last, you absolutely must build from the bottom up!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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