Starting with The Beginning Belief…

Where is your belief today?

Is it still stuck in a cold storage container?

Just like this container of Ice Cream that is burned and not useful‚ because it was not prepared properly to go into the freezer!

I ask that because I know from my own journey I had to start from the ground up.

When someone builds a building‚ they don’t start at the top and build down! So it is also true with MLM Network Marketing! At first my belief level was very very small. to illustrate that a story…

At First a Bit Mechanical!

When I first started I did it sort of mechanically. But its not possible to do it that way. It was not until I started to grow myself and my belief before I got real success.

There are many that are great with attending the events‚ the calls but they are not really taking any action. Some are so afraid to fail that they do fail basically because they have so much fear and doubt that they won’t do it.

What Happens When Our Content is Void Of Belief?

It is not how much you put into it in just content. I have come to realize that my belief actually fuels everything. If I don’t have it‚ somehow it comes across in what I write and what I say.

Its totally impossible to disguise that. When my belief was small my results were small or totally non-existent!

So how do you take it from the mechanical to the belief level? That is tricky but its a transition of a mind-set. Because everything we do in MLM Network marketing is based on performance.

I can go back again to a story:

When I first got started years ago‚ it was about the circles! Remember those? But I have to laugh now! My husband is very analytical. He loves to make it about charts and graphs! So he created all of this great stuff. He made it so complicated!

When I watched him do it‚ I would think to myself “This is great‚ but I could never ever do what he is doing!” So what happened to my belief? I didn’t have any!

So how much success did I have? None! Later‚ I got started with a different company and they had this rather complicated presentation! And they said for us to say it word‚ for word.

Okay and I actually did it word for word. And I even had some success. But it goes back to that same belief level. Even if I can do that‚ can everyone? The belief is the thing that must fuel the action! Now I am enjoying the success‚ because my belief level has grown. Again back to an analogy!



To Your Abundant Success!!

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