Building More Than One Network Marketing Company At A Time

I have heard a lot of people go back and forth about this. I have one Primary‚ one system‚and possibly other streams (affiliates) Maybe you can pull it off‚ I don’t believe it’s something you can do.

What I see happening is then we will be making decisions for our prospects which they will best fit. Then later they are going to find out that you made a decision for them‚ now just ask yourself‚ how would you feel if someone decided for you what you would fit? I wouldn’t like that‚ the whole reason for being in a business like ours is to have passion and faith in it.

How can you be totally focused and passionate and what I call “all in” with more than one network marketing company at a time? As a rule of thumb for myself and those I coach‚ I am laser focused on just one company‚ learn the products be able to share my own story. I have to be effective not only for myself‚ but my customers and my distributors.

So I do not recommend or endorse starting two different MLM companies together! Now I am not saying that down the road you can get to the place where you can let the first one continue running and send you a check‚ while you start on another.

“Trying to run more than one business would be like trying to tie BOTH your shoes with BOTH hands at the same time”

Laser Focused or Scatter Gun?

FOCUS stands for: Focus on ONE Company Until Successful! Can you truly be totally committed “All In” and Passionate about two or more completely different businesses? (I can’t and I am being honest) If you haven’t exploded your first opportunity‚ I personally‚would STRONGLY advise against having a go at a second one.

Why would you want to spread your focus like that? It’s hard to stay focused when you have too many pots on the stove.

I used to be a purist and not even endorse the funded proposal!

I used to be a “purist” and didn’t believe in this‚ and you guessed it I was dead broke! The most important thing is not just a funded proposal but one that truly give value to the person whether they actually join you or not!

When you give something for free up front it’s even better‚ now they are in your funnel and you can begin to talk to them and get them to know‚ like and trust you.

Now we always think in terms of immediate when someone doesn’t join you‚ but it’s been my experience that sometimes they do‚ just not today! I personally do not promote more than one business at a time. It’s time consuming enough to run

ONE online business let alone several by doing that you end up splitting your focus. The more businesses you get involved with‚ the more you’re going to have to manage.

From everyone I know who has succeeded in network marketing they started in one business with a funded proposal which helps them pay for their advertising and generates cash flow. But I have not seen anyone who simultaneously succeeds with two separate mlm companies.

Pick then a funded proposal that best fits the needs of those you plan to target-market. I for instance use Better Web Builder and it helps to generate the leads online. If you have one that also promotes team building as I do then you can work that for even additional leads and income. So I wish you well in your MLM’ing and keep the focus the passion and the attitude strong!

Build It Big‚ Build It Once‚ Build It Strong!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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