Should You Call Your MLM Leads Part 2

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The Timing Of When To Call MLM Leads

The timing can vary and depends on what kind of thing you are doing to capture and what you have set up. Many wait a while to call‚ but I think that is a mistake. The fresher your call the better because many are not just clicking on your link but many others. Their memory will fade and by the end of 48 hours they probably don’t even remember your stuff.

Then you will be spending the time asking them if they remember seeing a particular link rather than getting down to why you called. The rule-of-thumb is 24–48 hours. If it’s not possible to do that‚ at least send a personal e-mail to them‚ and invite them to call you back. I know this is when the fear sets in because I used to have it. I hope to alleviate that fear today with these hints.

Stand Out Never Underestimate The Power Of The Telephone!

Today with so many choices of opportunities to make money out there‚ it is simply not enough to have a great capture page and e-mail series! The one that stands out and creates the greatest rapport and relationship is the one who actually picks up the phone and calls them! So I hear you saying I don’t know what to say!

Patience I will definitely address that! Most of the time when I call I have a response on the other end that they are so excited and even surprised that I have taken the time to call them.

They already know who I am‚ through my content online. They have followed me for a while. And even if they haven’t they have had other contact before the phone call‚ so it’s not a cold call. I am always interested in them when I call them; this is not the time to start into a presentation.

They are always surprised and even honored when I take the time to call‚ because so few actually do! You have to come from a totally different space‚ and that is that you are there to help them get what they want‚ and after all‚ they gave you their number‚ they expect a call!

Even a “Newbie” Can Do It!

If you are brand new most times you don’t have any phone skills. Rather than practice on a lot of leads as I did and burn them‚ rely on your upline leaders to 3-way with you. Take notes‚ be a fly on the wall. No one is good at it at the beginning‚ and then be ready very quickly to step up to the plate.

I often would get on the 3-way and I would tell my mentor‚ I can do it‚ just listen. Then I would get off with the lead‚ and ask my mentor “What could I improve on?” When you really use your mentor right‚ it won’t be very long before you can do your own calls with confidence!

How To Be In Control

Many think they have to dominate the conversation in order to be in control but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is the one who asks the questions who is in control. Then it’s about listening‚ and learning about them. Ask enough questions that you can get a clear picture of what they want‚ and then it’s up to you to help them get it!

Be Interested In Them!

I just listened to the Cold Market Mastermind hosted by Eric Worre. One thing that stuck out is how to talk to your leads. I know myself when I took the pressure off and stopped worrying about getting the presentation out‚ it was a great relief! When you are more interested in them‚ and truly in the moment then you don’t have to be worried about what to say! You gotta also think about what duplicates‚

if you are really good at doing presentations‚ realize this‚ as you are sharing it you are training them‚ and everything you do‚ they are asking this question “Can I do that?” And if the answer is “no‚” then you have lost. Stay tuned for the last entry on this!


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