I Had A Call Yesterday From A Predator Marketer

Now I am not a newbie. I have done this for sometime. I get this call‚ a woman‚ she was pretty pushy. She had an approach that she wanted me to listen to this 5-minute call‚ so I could learn how to get people to call me.

Now actually its funny because I do have people calling me‚ and getting into my business‚ but I was polite. I listened to her “pitch”.

Here is her mistakes so you can learn what not to do.

  1. She mentioned a dead website from a company I was no longer in‚ so she had oldout-dated information‚ and she didn’t check to see if it was correct.
  2. She didn’t ask me whether I wanted what she had‚ but she tried to make me feel guilty‚or foolish by not doing what she instructed.
  3. She really didn’t ask me questions or show any concern about what my needs would be.

Well guess what‚ do you think I went right away and made that call? BIG NO! I wrote it down‚and then when I got off the call‚ I filed it in file 1’‚ without even the slightest temptation.

Why‚she can make a big pitch‚ but she didn’t really care whether it was what I wanted. She didn’t take the time to find out whether I wanted it. And she didn’t take the time to check up afterward‚ the next day. Yes that big word follow-up.


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