Before We Can Create MLM Momentum We Need To Know What It Is

A while back I had a post about my success formula and how to create your own success formula‚ and while it is not directly related to creating MLM Momentum‚ it is important to understand about create your success‚ and understanding what that formula is!

And you are probably wondering why the rolly-coaster! It makes sense‚ would you just go up there and hang‚ or would you think it is better to create some momentum that will make a smooth transition from the top place around to home base‚ and continual MLM Momentum!

To define it lets go back to a basic lesson of physics. In the book “The Slight Edge” Jeff Olsen talked about how it is created (I recommend that book by the way) In it he explains getting a big heavy fly wheel going at first the effort doesn’t appear to be causing any effect but as pressure is continually applied over a period of time‚ the wheel is flying. We can apply that same theory to MLM Momentum.

Too many people believe that it is just a matter of applying that effort for a very short time‚ but it just doesn’t work that way!

Here Are 7 Ways To Create Or Increase MLM Momentum

1.     Calendar Your MLM Momentum!

It has been proven that events drive MLM Momentum! Look at the events that have already been put on the Calendar for both your individual MLM Company and for GenericNon-Company events. Very likely there will be both events you have to travel to and events in your local area.

Plan around these events‚ schedule them in‚ not only plan to attend yourself but promote to your team and to those who are not yet part of your team!

2.     Set Ambitious Goals Around Your Own MLM Momentum!

This is the next step after calendaring your events! Plan ahead and set goals on who you are going to get there! Because the real MLM Momentum happens when you have people in those seats with you‚ the bigger the group yo get there‚ the bigger your team is going to grow!

Hold a contest in you team to get them all onboard bringing everyone there. Set a 90-Day Vision and promote it inside your team!

3.     Ramp-up Your MLM Momentum By Increasing Your Lead Generation

We have to keep in mind that what gets people into your business‚ is the presentation. Set a new goal‚ stretch a bit from what you have done in the past. Remember the flywheel and ramp-up‚ at first it will be sluggish‚ but with added pressure your MLM Momentum will start flying! Just adding one additional activity a day over time can create that huge MLM Momentum!

4.     Focus On One Major MLM Momentum Creating Activity

I see many people marketing all over the place‚ they don’t have any organized activity at all. This usually will lead to overwhelm and burn out. For instance my main online activity is my blog‚ as you are here you can see that it get new fresh content 5 days a week‚ sometimes 6 every single week. Spend 80% of your activity on already proven activity.

Only use the other 20% for experimental or expansion. Don’t leave out the tried and true leverage of things that have always worked to create MLM Momentum. If you are new‚ get in counsel with your upline and copy them.

5.     Use A Leveraged Tool To Increase You MLM Momentum

Most MLM Companies have online presentation tools‚ as well as DVD’s and or CD’s for you to use to present to people. Many also have recorded calls‚ a conference call or webinar.

All of these are ways to leverage your own MLM Momentum and also create big excitement. When there is a crowd attending as there was in the old‚ (big hotel meeting) model‚ now that has been transferred to the big webinar‚ with thousands attending.

There is always more Social Proof and a better chance of exposure when you get them to those kinds of presentations. Another way (usually works best after) is a three-way call with a very successful upline!

6.     Build Massive MLM Momentum By Building Event To Event

This has lost it emphasis in the online world‚ they used to work this hard for offline events. But it can still be implemented via webinar events! It doesn’t have to be just specific to your own MLM either.

For instance‚ I am a big promoter of the Wednesday Webinar done by My Lead System Pro. Every week they bring out their biggest leaders to share their success secrets and if you listen and take great notes‚ you can grow to build the same way that they do!

7.     Recognize And Celebrate Those In Your Team Who Have Caught The MLM Momentum Fire!

I cannot stress this enough and how important it is to celebrate even the very smallest achievement in any of your team members.

While it is really easy after a while to create your own MLM Momentum‚ it is a skill‚ and when you see someone even getting one team member a month‚ or if they are bringing team members to events‚ always recognize them‚celebrate them promote them!

For instance‚ when I see someone in my team who has posted blogs‚ I promote on my Facebook profile‚ I recognize their smallest MLM Momentum always!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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