What You Can Learn About America’s Got Talent

Yesterday I was really sick I took the day
and watched America’s Got Talent and drowsed

I seldom watch tv at all‚ but I chose to watch people who
would throw it out there‚ and take big risks

There were a lot of people who didn’t have talent at all
Just a great desire to be recognized as a winner!

I also saw extraordinary feats and abilities..
What can one get from that?

You could believe I spent the day wasted but no..
It was spent not only in recovery but seeing extraordinary human beings..

Even those who didn’t win a spot were extraordinary..
Because they dared to risk‚ they dared to put themselves out there!

So much of the time I see people telling others they can have big money
With this or that program..

And especially I see many who would make excuses
And believe that excuses them from even starting..

The ones who win are…
Ones who have a wiliness to risk
A wiliness to be vulnerable
A wiliness to take that chance
A wiliness to keep going
A wiliness to believe
A wiliness to listen
A wiliness to follow your dream!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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