Wow I have a lot to share with you today!

I know myself its easy to stay comfortable in who I am now..

If I want more I must be willing to sacrifice that for something better in me

So Many Ways For That To Happen

One of them is what we expect of others

There will be nothing ever gained by trying to push a person to keep building their business with you..

If they let their doubts be more on their mind than the things you give them
If they insist on being afraid

You cannot change them

Any more than you can change the person you are married to..

You can offer them the things that have helped you and that is all then they must decide to take the action.. based on where they are

You can give encouragement..

They still have to take the action.. and you can praise them on any small steps they take..

If they decide to stay stuck you just have to let them be until they are ready..

To all of those who have been with me in business and have stayed stalled I care.. and hope the best for you

And Mainly What You Expect Of Yourself

What you expect is generally what happens.. I say raise your expectations!

Even in things such as money.. “I expect to receive money from known and unknown sources”

Change what your view on money is.. and understand that everything really starts on the inside!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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