First we learn and then we Earn

A lot of people use the word Overwhelm

I think it means a need to learn another way

Its not true that you earn before you learn

Many times people don’t get that you don’t get paid in the hour you get paid in what you do in that hour..

So getting by.. doesn’t help

If you relate this to business..

What kinds of things can you do.. in your own business to become more productive?

Learn in small pieces.

The attitude that you can earn with no effort leads to failure

Be willing to learn, and understand there is an application that must go with it..

When I learned the skill of talking to people it was something I could take anywhere..

Know what to share when, knowledge alone is going to shut them down,

Answer the question “What will it do for me?”

Must ask them some questions..

In the end its all about people..

So answer the question “What will I get out of it?”

Realize there is real effort involved.. be okay with that.. expect that..

Third question “What do I have to do to earn that money?”

If someone cannot ask questions they don’t feel important..

​If you are not asking questions you are hurting both yourself and others,

If you are trying to get by and not doing what it takes then you are failing.

Start by asking questions and showing that you are interested..

Get people talking to you..

Oh she has this need.. maybe I can help her with that!

When I show more interest in them.. and ask questions..

Then they often come back and ask for my link!

Lot less stress, a lot less overwhelm


To Your Abundant Success!!

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