Why the “A Christmas Carol” is not a Christmas Story!

That will probably set off some controversy‚ but think about it! Its really about a man who has been hurt decided to build a big wall around himself. He decided to shut himself off‚ money became his only friend. He didn’t let himself care about anything else‚ he thought it would make him happy.

What he found out through going back into first his past‚ then his present‚ and the future if he didn’t change was that he lost something very important along the way. Sometimes‚ we forget that human relationships are actually the most important thing in our lives. We can be rich and still miserable! He was miserable and only through visits with the 3 ghosts did he start to realize that.

When he opened up and started to live his life again‚ he found something he was missing; Joy! If we are not happy we need to really examine what is missing. It not about money or things‚ its something inside of us! We must love ourselves first‚ then we must learn to care about people. Relationship-building is one of the key to any good business‚ it doesn’t matter what you are doing. Oh‚ sure you can get a great auto-responder‚ website‚ and any other technology that man can create. It won’t matter unless you first build relationships!

So when Scrooge in the story got that‚ his whole life opened up. He found a PURPOSE‚ he found joy‚ which led to true lasting happiness! What I wish for you now at the beginning of a New Year‚ is that you can really discover your WHY‚ or PUPOSE! As we read in that story no amount of money brings happiness‚ its about what is going on inside! When you like you‚ others will too!

This story being about Christmas is appropriate in one way. We are always evaluating our past year and what we have‚ or have not achieved. It is an assessment we must perform. We also look forward to the new year and a time for setting goals. We re-set our sail‚ and raise it higher!

May you discover like Scrooge did what makes you excited and joyful!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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