Clear Your Life To Accept New Things

TONS of sewing stuff. We are clearing out the storage room at Lynda Anne Cromar’s house. Please let us know if you want any/all of it. We have yarn, crochet thread, fabric, quilting batting and more. This is 1 of 3-4 piles in the picture. For fastest response, send a facebook message Lynda Anne Cromar

This is only one part of nearly my livingroom full of stuff that had been sitting in my storage room for vitually years.

I have changed my focus. I realized I really don’t want to spend large parts of my hours doing krafts.

Most people just hang onto what they have and never clear it out.

I put in an “ad” to get people to come get it for free. I have had a few already do that.

After that I will send it to FreeCycle. The major most important thing is that I clear space for things we need to store there instead.

What does that do for you? It gives you space for new things and new blessings! And other people can use those things for their benefit!



To Your Abundant Success!!

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