Coaching When The Problem Is You!

Before you can reach any level of success you have to realize that it begins with you. I love the story Eric Worre tells about his 19 jobs before he was 2’ years old. He tells in that story that the one constant in all of those jobs was Eric‚ him. So is that the case here‚ you have to be honest. Are you the problem?

Do you decide you are not going to do it the way they are teaching you? I have team members who do not follow what I give them. They go their own way. The problem is that they cannot show success in those methods. And down the road‚ they quit‚ they give up. They didn’t quit because what I taught them wasn’t sound‚ but what they did was not my formula.

It’s about obtaining specific skill-sets which you generally don’t have yet! There are no shortcuts to getting these down either.  When people fail (quit) it is because they have failed to learn these skill-sets. They have decided they know better‚ and they will do something else because they are not willing to actually get uncomfortable. Because the real secret is you have to be uncomfortable before you can be comfortable!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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