Do We Come Across As Victims?

Do We Come Across As Victims? Review of a Movie Series and How Not To Be A Victim!

First of all I know a bunch of you are going to say I’m not a victim! Well here is how to tell

I just finished watching one of my all time favorite SciFi hits “Taken” by Steven Speilberg. Its not brand new and I bought it. I decided to watch it again with my more “Heightened”consciousness. Wow was it full of subliminal programming!

Don’t get me wrong I love SciFi‚ I love Steven’s Work. And I love movies. But we definitely are building ourselves to be something new right?

Okay the all over theme through out was we have no control over our lives! (victim) Someone or something can at anytime take our stuff‚ take our lives‚ or take us.

Now what does that actually say. We May as well not try‚ because someone or something is going to take it from us.

Its important to know what is really going on when you read a novel‚ when you watch tv‚ when you go to the movies.

There is an agenda in most of that stuff‚ yes there is. So we can control that.

Evaluate next time you rent a new movie. You will be so surprised. They all have something.

You are out of control
You can’t control your life
The government can save us
We don’t have to take responsibility
Its okay as long as we don’t get caught

And many many more! So if you like I want to change that‚ the first step is awareness! I choose my beliefs so I have to not just go dead pan in front of the tv! I personally don’t watch any news‚ because its all negative‚ its all bad. Even the weather‚ if the weather is good‚they spend more time in the sports section!

This isn’t a rant so I am getting to a point and that is I have learned to think critically‚and to think for myself. I don’t base anything on someone else’s opinion. That is how you start to truly own your own life! 


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