How To Come Back From Discouragement And Failure In Network Marketing

When I first started out online several years ago‚ I was greener than green‚ I knew absolutely nothing‚ I didn’t even have a Facebook or Twitter account‚ I was truly starting from scratch.

I made so many mistakes‚ it’s scary to look back now at the ones I made and how damaging they were to me and to my family. I worked crazy hours and still it seemed I was not getting anywhere.

Into The Blackness

I went into a deep depression for about 3 months. I don’t remember much about it except I was having nightmares‚ I was avoiding people‚ I went and slept downstairs. My husband and I were fighting. I didn’t want to admit that I had made a huge mistake getting us into debt buying leads.

We were at a point where I was breaking his back‚ and I was getting sign ups but they were not able to duplicate what I did‚ so they left as fast as they came‚ the few that stayed avoided my phone calls and my training.

Got Physical

Well yes it was getting out and walking that got me back into the attitude of trying to live again. At first I ran because I was angry‚ then I did it because it began to feel good. Then I did it because it was helping to lift my moods. I began to find real faith.

This Is Not Back To Jesus!

I am not talking about the kind of faith that you just go up and say you are saved. That isn’t really faith in my opinion. This is not religious here but faith is not just a feeling. It’s not just a belief. It’s doing things with an expected outcome‚ even before there is real evidence that it is there.

Forgive Yourself Is First Step

We all make mistakes and I can promise you in this business it’s impossible not to. First step is to accept that you will be making mistakes and that you have made mistakes.

Accept that mistakes are part of your growth. Then forgive yourself‚ and vow that you will always forgive yourself. Here are some of the things that you May be holding against yourself:

  • Not faithfully using your company’s products
  • Screwing up your prospects
  • Not advancing to the next rank
  • Failing to hit a goal
  • Allowing distractions to take you off track
  • Being inconsistent in your building efforts
  • Someone hurt your feelings and you allowed that to stop your growth
  • Not stepping into your role as leader
  • Running good people out of the organization
  • Hurting your family in some way such as neglect
  • Going into debt

Most of us have had some or all of these discouraging set back but you can recover from them.

Don’t Give Up!

Don’t give up — the answers will come to you as simply as the saying “When the student is ready‚ the teacher will appear.”

Sometimes the answer is not what you think. Sometimes if you are already in the mode of action you will find that the answer has come to you quietly in your daily action‚ but it is in that faith and action that things begin to change.

Give it the time it takes and it will be there. I know because I came out of that blackness and I can see it “clearly” for you! Feel Good Today and forgive yourself‚ and never give up!



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