Create Leads For Your Network Marketing

If you are like me when you got started‚ you were told to make that list of 100 friends and family you were even given such tools as a memory jogger. And again if you were like me‚ that scared you to death! No way were you willing to create that when you didn’t even have any real confidence in what you were getting into!

Then You Found Out About Lead Generation?

For me in my first experience in network marketing it was about buying a lead package‚ much of which was quite expensive. Now we have other ways to get those leads in ways that are free. We have to qualify that though‚ just because there isn’t a financial outlay‚ doesn’t mean there isn’t a cost‚ in time‚ in learning the skills‚ in the commitment of all of your resources. We live today in a hurry up give it to me right now Generation! We want to be successful sometimes without the price that must be paid.

Take It One Step At A Time

One thing I can share from my personal experience is that I didn’t get there in one day. And please know‚ that the stories you have no doubt heard about someone going from rags to riches on the internet‚ those are great stories‚ but most don’t actually do that.

So there is a little bit of an expectation to believe that you can do that too‚ without any of the process that most assuredly got them there! You will find hundreds‚ maybe thousands of people claiming they did it in a week‚ or a month‚ but that rarely really happens.

Every one of those who really did it‚ went through a process. Another thing to understand is it is as much a mind game‚ as it is a “how to.” You will also find that there are methods that you just don’t like to do‚ and maybe you have to find what really rings with you!

Find A Good Teacher!

Align with a teacher‚ someone who can help you. Be okay with having to get into their system‚ or on their mailing list. You can get literally lost in all the different strategies and that is why I am recommending that. For instance‚ I am really good at using Social Media. I know the nuts and bolts of the how to’s and I know how to getlaser-targetedleads.

Understand that some people will claim to have the “blue print” and I have looked at a lot of them. Some of them just are not what they claim to be‚ and it’s just about charging you money.

You have to do some investigation to find the right person that can help you. While most of those programs are not generally free‚ be okay with following a program that feels good. And it’s not about always getting it free. It’s about determining if what they have is of value to you!

The other problem is that there are way too many strategies to do all of them‚ so is a matter of choosing the ones that you feels you can be most successful with!

I always start people in Facebook‚ it’s really easy‚ and because its visual‚ it’s something most people understand‚ I am even doing a training tonight‚ and you can be part of that‚ by clicking on the banner link below this blog‚ signing up for the free tool‚ which I recommend because it works!

Giving Away A Free Gift

Most people that have become highly successful on the internet have realized that they have to give something away before they can get. Most of the time the gift is an e-book‚or a training of some kind. Actually I give away both a training and a set of much needed tools‚ that is why it’s so effective! When you actually give something people want they are going to sign up with you‚ then that is when the next step begins..

The Relationship Begins!

So now you have a lead‚ there are many ways to create that relationship. The fastest way is to pick up the phone. Now this is where you must put away your own desire to get them and to find out what they want to achieve then that is when you give them what they want! We all know that no one actually joins you in your business until you create know‚ like and trust with them!

Give The Value First

Now I have to say this‚ because it’s one of the most understood things about building your business. Most people are not looking for your specific business! Most people are looking to solve a problem such as making more money‚ or getting more people to talk to if they are already in a network marketing company. So right away telling them all about your company and products without first establishing what their actually need and desire is will not create the customer or distributor.

What I Mean By Giving Value First Is To Give Them What They Really Want‚ not what you want to give them. And you arrive at that is to ask a lot of questions and begin the process of getting their trust. Generally‚ that takes more than one contact. So be real and giving first! Your Home Work! Don’t wait til its perfect take action today!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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