How do You Create A Positive Dream For Your Future?

I am sure I could find many things on the internet‚ but I think my own story will be better in this post.

I am no different than anyone I am sure. Well‚ except for one thing. I am Living Your MLM Dreams! I dream of better things in my life. I am surprised how many I meet have either stopped dreaming‚ or they have never let themselves dream. Sometimes I met people that had failures‚ and they interpreted that to mean they can’t Live Their MLM Dreams or can’t have dream so they pulled back and stayed in their painful‚ miserable‚ and small place‚believing it to be safe.

So…How Do You Live Your MLM Dreams — How do You Create A Positive MLM Dream For Your Future?

Now don’t take me wrong‚ I have no desire to get up in an airplane and drop out of it depending on a little bit of plastic to bring me safely to the ground. I do though believe that when you can see something in your head‚ and if the picture can be developed that the subconscious doesn’t know the difference. I know that because in the past I was really excellent at making bad dreams come true. Sometimes they happened exactly like the bad dreams I had!

Creating Positive MLM Dream For Your Future!

Do you remember a nightmare so vividly even years later? Do you have worries that you keep drawing them out in your head‚ every possible scenario? So see you are good at it too!

So I got to figuring if I can create something I don’t want‚ and it happens with that much accuracy‚ then its really a matter of reversing my thinking to see vivid positive pictures. I am going to give you a formula to do that. Think of one of those worries that you have created yes you brought on that one by giving it a vivid picture‚ now turn around and see that same thing in a positive light. Like those movies where they turn back the real and everything goes backwards. What if you saw the good outcome that you wanted just as vividly?

Creating The MLM Dream (Positive this time)

But without a doubt now‚ because I have started to practice “positive dreaming“ instead of “negative dreaming”‚ I have seen results‚ and they were the ones that I wanted. You see‚my philosophy is that it is like a muscle. When we exercise a muscle‚ it takes a certain amount of time before that muscle develops. When a woman has a baby‚ we know that it will be somewhere between 9–10 months before it is born. Why should making a dream happen be any different. And if a temporary failure is the result‚ that just means to me that I need to think about the path I took to that dream‚ it May need adjustment‚ not throw out the dream!


Before you go to bed‚ sit in a comfortable place and see yourself masterfully doing something that you May not be good at now‚ such as giving a presentation‚ receiving an award at your convention‚ or getting a large check for your efforts. Now sit and draw it out‚ don’t let anything distract you. When you see it in detail‚ open your eyes‚ and write it out on paper‚ with as much detail as you can. Now go to bed with that picture‚ now don’t taint it by watching negative news!

So That Is How You Live Your MLM Dreams — And How do You Create A Positive Dream For Your Future!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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