How To Create Social Media Relationships For Your MLM Rather Than Being a Predator

In today’s post I hope to help you see social media relationships and the very real difference in how we approach people is so critical in how we are perceived.

People are even more cautious than ever before. Because there is not the opportunity to look a person in the eye we must become much better at creating social media relationships. In my post yesterday‚ I talked about the first impression on social media which is the picture we post on our profile.

I recommend if you didn’t have a chance to read it‚ to go read it now‚ as it goes along with this post today. I hope to show you some real things that you can do to change your approach and have more success building the social media relationships that will lead to the new customer or distributor. Understanding and properly using online marketing and attraction marketing is key to building these social media relationships.


Why would I use such a scary word as Predator when it comes to Social Media Relationships? As you can see from the picture‚ I am shaking hands with someone I am meeting for the first time. We are face to face‚ and eye to eye. We are not immediately blurting out our business to the other person. A relationship is being born here. So why is it that when we get on the internet into social media that we believe that the rules have changed?

So What Do I Mean By Building Social Media Relationships?

Just like in our everyday lives‚ we are always in the social media relationship mode. When we go into a live event we meet and greet people all the time. Somehow (and I did it at first) when we get into the Internet we suddenly forget that somehow! We have to think of the Social Media Relationship like as if we were going to a party‚ would we jump on someone we just met and insist they drop everything and go to our website that minute? No not likely‚ but we are doing that very thing when we spam people with a hypy message and link!

Stop Jumping On People Like A Predator

I know that sounds like a scary word‚ PREDATOR — but isn’t that what it is when someone just pounces on you? They are hoping to catch you off guard‚ to push the right button. They want to get you in your weak spot. What is our reaction? Our reaction is to run‚ our flight or fight reflex is activated! So we think we aren’t doing that in building our social media relationship with someone‚ but even if there has been some contact‚ just throwing a link at someone could create that reaction in someone!

So How Do We Create The Good Social Media Relationships?

In building good social media relationships‚ we have to take some time. There is an urgency it seems to create an instant result but it really does take time. If you think about it‚ anyone that you have joined in business‚ did you join them instantly‚ or after sometime in which you got to know them? Right it was over time. Unfortunately in this world with micro-waves‚ and super fast jets‚ high speed internet‚ people want a quick result. But when it comes to business‚whether it is offline or online there are certain things that just have to happen‚ and creating those good social media relationships always take a certain amount of time.

Stay Tuned Tomorrow I am going to give you my Social Media Relationship Formula!

Lets Face It!

We want to be involved online in social media because we learned that many are leveraging the internet and especially Facebook to make money online! So shouldn’t you be on the right bandwagon?

I am always learning and growing‚ and I do very definitely choose who I am aligned with and who I decided to be involved with in anything. I never randomly join someone‚ IN ANYTHING WITHOUT FIRST LOOKING AT THAT PERSON!

You should feel that way too! Whether we are talking MLSP or Empower Network‚I didn’t just join somebody‚ but I picked who I wanted to be connected with. And there have been those who have asked why I didn’t join them. #1 is that I look at their leadership‚ if it isn’t there‚ I would not join them And so‚ once those two things are established‚ it is a matter of deciding what your target market really is.

I wrote a post earlier this week about the baby boomers and how I know that that is my main market! I know that because I am myself attracted to those who are in the 40+ age range‚and also that I myself am in that age group. I have arrived at that from a few years of growth and development myself. I realize I must always be building and growing myself. So what about you‚ what discoveries have you found as you grow as a MLM Leader?


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