Creativity In Entrepreneurship

I am a lover of movies…

Especially Sci Fi

I think its especially because of the incredible creativity!

I also love creativity in Entrepreneurial pursuits..

When I first started out on Facebook working to build a business..

I did it menially hands on‚ and no leverage at all

I was relentless but hardly anything ever changed..

Much like the life of Jupiter before she found out she was royalty..

Even once she found out she didn’t simply accept it but fought to change it!

That is the life of an Entrepreneur!

Changing the set of rules rather than being condemned by them!

And even while I was caught up in the world created by this movie..

My business was creating sales going to my Paypal account..

Now that is leverage!

You can see how I changed the rules right here!

I’m here to help you get started.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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