Crossing An Ocean Or Moving Yourself To A New Successful Place Now

This has especially hit home this year..

Many times I wanted success for someone more than some of the people I work with did..

I give them time, energy and encouragement..


Somehow they will not get past their fear,

They stay stuck..

And I cannot do anything about that..

I can offer my training and help


In the end..

The teammate or the prospective teammate must take the action!​


You can never cross the ocean,
Unless you have the courage…
To loose sight of the shore..

And when you do… Wow!

Leaving what you thought would give you security..

Building new roads..

Creating new space..

Growing you so that you can help others to grow..

That is when you see your full vision!​


Too much of the time..

What I see is people so focused on getting money..

That they forget they are talking to people!

People come before money..

If you care enough..

Money comes when you show you have value..

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To Your Abundant Success!!

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