How To Deal With Holiday Stress

Holidays can bring on a lot of stress…

It is a really good idea to remember why you do anything!

We put up our tree‚ just the tree not decorated yet

I only do it really for visitors

But I know I will be depressed if I don’t

I tend to put a lot on myself..

But I have learned that it is important to pace myself.. and do things so that I don’t create undue stress

This year there was a big Thanksgiving celebration planned for last Sunday. But my son didn’t make it at all‚ that is about half of those who were coming.. and we prepared a lot of food..

I could make only two choices‚ get really upset‚ or roll with it

I choose to roll with it‚ and everything was beautiful

And as it turned out the extra ones with my daughter‚ were big eaters‚ and the left-overswere small..

And I will be seeing my Son and his family this Sunday with another meal..

What really matters is those relationships.. not the dinner!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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