Why I Decided To Enter The Top MLM Blog Contest For The First Time Ever!

Why did I decide to enter one of the most difficult contests in MLM history? You have been a follower of LyndaCromar.com for some time‚ right? Well I can see very early that this was not going to be a simpleslam-dunk! There are some big heavy hitters here. Well then why did I do it? Most importantly for you! Yes You! You see if this blog never gets any attention how will we get to know each other? How can we share our experiences‚ and how can we learn from each other?

We started this journey many years ago you and traveling alone on a lonely road. We couldn’t see much of what was up ahead of us. The trees stood as sentinals besides us on the road. Sometimes obscuring the road ahead and sometimes allowing a glimpse of what lay ahead. One of the things that we wanted was a better life so we locked arms and we went together.

Sometimes there were many hardships but we continued on our path‚ holding each other up and building each other. And isn’t that what team work is really about? Along the way we found friends to help like David Wood and David Sharpe who started the empowered network. And today as dawn breaks I have something to ask of you!

Many of you have urged me to enter my blog that has helped you along your path to the MLM Top Blog Contest. We are nearing the finish line‚ and I am a bit behind. Won’t you take a moment today and vote for the content you have enjoyed with me through the years?


To Your Abundant Success!!

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