Your Decisions Decide All Of Your Action

You can either be chasing what you think you have lost.. or look towards and celebrate what you have gained..

And whatever you decide will determine all of your action..

I used to do that.. chase the ones who quit.. chase the dollar I have lost..

And it was a constant downward spiral..

I am rethinking those behaviors..

Now you might be asking what has that got to do with marketing?

You will only take the action that is matching the thought processes..

I have had people that take no action.. and I would spend time prodding them.. (downward spiral)

Now I only have time for those who take the action..

You might think that is not cool..

I don’t know where you are in your journey… one thing I know for sure.. is that if you are more about what others can do for you (downward spiral) than what you can do for others (upward spiral) then you will always be looking at what you don’t have!

The problem is when you focus on what you don’t have you just get more of the lack of…

For me (and I am not perfect) when I get into those down thoughts.. I think of what I have to be grateful for.. all the wonderful people in my life..

So when someone starts into a long drawn out speal about what they can’t do and what they won’t do and what thy don’t have.. I realize that is their focus.. and what I have will not be for them.. and I take it away…

Its not bad because they have already rejected it.. (in other words I do not pursue or convince..)

Its the “DO IT NOW!” people that I love to work with..

I spend all of my time with those.. they don’t spent time with those what if’s and all the reasons why they can’t

And I am in the company of those kind of people everyday.. In our Freedom Uprising VIP Lounge…

We bring the CAN DOERS THERE… the ones who see the value of DO IT NOW!

You know until you see the value of that you will not see what you want..

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