Dividing Between The Fun and The Marketing

So today I am dividing myself between my fun marketing‚ I went shopping and bought a monitor‚ that by the way Elite Marketing Pro made it possible to get. One of the things I do as just for fun and a hobby is to convert old analog technology (VCR) and (old Vinyl 45’s and 78’s) and old torn up pictures to new updated fresh digital copies.

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t pirate‚ but many people have their own family movies‚ and old recordings‚ even on cassette tape‚ that they want to preserve. And pictures? well even the ones

I have shared here are converted to digital‚ (scanned and cleaned of scratches‚ color corrected from fading or color predominant because of the base film color. Or slides or negatives‚ forgotten memories that didn’t get developed‚ All of that costs a fortune to do for someone‚ I offer it so that no one has to let their memories go..

All that because I learned to market and was able to make money at it Like this baby picture‚I found on one of those large negatives that are 3 inches tall! This is me over 60 years ago‚this is a treasure..


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