Don’t Come Across As A Solicitor!


There are some key things that are turn offs and can hurt your business. Check and see if these are things that you do today:

A very key thing is not to annoy your potential prospect but to engage. First step of engagement is relating. If that doesn’t occur the rest doesn’t matter!

1 — Make phone calls to people you don’t know‚ from Facebook‚ from purchased lists‚from the phone book‚ etc. No matter how nice your approach‚ it is considers spam or unwanted contact‚ an interruption in someone’s life.

2 — Strike up a conversation whether live or online‚ for the sole purpose of getting them to look at your opp. “Hi‚ how are you‚ here is my link!” — Until you establish rapport and a commonality it is inappropriate to offer your link or your card.

3 —  Put someone on your e-mail list when they didn’t opt-in. Big turn off and can get you banned from your service. In today’s world it most important that we don’t offend or get banned or shut down from our social services accounts‚ that includes our blogs‚and our Facebook and twitter accounts. We have to have permission to send e-mail to anyone these days.

4 — Ask someone to take a look at your site‚ blog‚ video for an opinion‚ its obvious sorry!This again usually before finding out if there is anything in common or if this person is actually interested.

5 —  Promise the moon and stars if they get in now‚ actually no one can be successful unless they follow the proven steps to achieve it‚ no one can do it for them. We can give them an estimate but everything is based on taking specific action on their part‚ if they do not take that action then they will not have the results.

6 — Ask them silly questions like have you blasted off yet? Not seeing that much anymore‚ but all of those sites where supposedly you make money when someone joins.I think joining social media is a lot like your phone service‚ its not something you are going to jump on just because someone out of the blue blasts a message to you.

7 — New one that I find really annoying. Phone message blasts. The politicians started that now we are seeing network marketers using it. I find those about as interesting as a root-canal and definitely something I won’t sit and listen to. I don’t recommend adding it to your list of tools

Okay so what is the answer? Because I know that isn’t what you wanted‚ that isn’t what you intended!

Learning ways to actually engage people caring about them first‚ building the relationship first.

1 — Start a friendship without any intentions‚ make sure you have the contact info so you can continue with them

2 — Make sure to follow up and continue the friendship

3 — Listen (not so you can jump in) but really get to know that person and whats important to him!

4 — Learn some key “Tom Big Al Words” (that is a whole different set of lessons) I can share if you message me. When you show you care then they will be interested enough in you to listen to you.

When you hit them over the head with something they are very quick to get out of your presence. Really pretty simple. So the bottom line is its about relationships‚relationships‚ relationships.

There is no shortcut‚ there is no perfect tool‚ its about learning to relate and to listen.Message me to get help. 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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