Don’t Be A MLM Mini-Me


In the 1999 smash hit “The Spy Who Shagged Me”‚ yeah I know but bear with me. The bad guy had a side kick called “Mini-Me” that followed him around and mimicked everything that he did.

Before you start laughing and think this is a joke‚ if you look around there are Mini’Me’s in the MLM industry too. Individuals that have not found their own uniqueness and they think they will achieve success by being an exact copy of someone else.

Today I hope to help you realize that while we can follow a pattern‚ we don’t want to loose track of who we are and the unique gifts that we bring to the equation.


Changing Your Personality?


In Your MLM Who Are You REALLY? You Must Be Real and You Must Be You! It would seem to make sense to change your personality to match you mentor and super leader‚ but I warn you‚ don’t!

While its really important to gain confidence and skills to be a good leader in your MLM‚ you need to be true to who you are. That can be a challenge. Many people face the struggle of how do you maintain your identity and still build a successful network marketing business either online or offline?


Here are some pointers:


1- Learn the pattern ̵  We can use someone as a pattern for successful things we can do


  • We can adopt successful habits and disciplines
  • We can improve our skills
  • We can improve our confidence
  • We want to retain our personality not erase it


It takes some courage to be your authentic self‚ sometimes it also takes some self-discovery. But the rewards are big. Because part of getting others to like us‚ is to like ourselves. If we have not arrived at that it will be difficult.

2-; Share your own insights and story. Internalize something but use it in your own words


  • Through personal experience


 3-; Giving and taking input This is the hardest part of all because we will filter what is being said to us by our own feelings and our own experience. Since everyone has had a totally unique journey‚ they will have a unique perspective.


  • I insert this because if you are too hard on yourself and others you repel those that could become great friends. We attract who we are. So we should be in the process of change all the time‚ but on that same note giving ourselves some space to grow.
  • We will ignore things that don’t fit into our personal space and image of what we believe. If we believe it is beyond us we will shut it out
  • We will only be ready for certain things when we have grown to a place where we can accept them.

That is what I have learned and I love to share what I learn. I also love to share my system with those who would like to take their business to the next level!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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